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checked ethically purchased provoked revised licensed scheduled produced contributed familiarised taught monitored

CV Word Checker contains a list of phrases which will produce a negative impact on your CV, resume or LinkedIn profile.

The table on the right displays these phrases. The main problem with the majority of them is that they are cliches. That is they are overused phrases which completely lack originality. People who have the job of recruiting employees are bored with hearing the same old phrases and will favour applications from people who do not use them.

Examples of these cliches include born leader, hard working, innovative thinker, people person and team player. Theses are all antiquated and can destroy a CV, resume or LinkedIn profile.

Bad CV Phrases To Avoid

accomplished professional
actions encompassed
and also
and many more
as some examples
as to whether
born leader
bottom line
closed down
communication skills
considered to be
cross platform
cutting edge
dedicated professional
detail oriented
down sized
due to the fact that
duties included
dynamic leader
dynamic professional
each and every
end to end
equally important as
excellent communication skills
extensive experience
gave up
goal orientated
goal oriented
good communicator
hard worker
hard working
high energy
highly skilled
in terms of
innovative thinker
kind of
leading edge
mission critical
next generation
non viable
oddly enough
one on one
one to one
out of the box
outstanding interpersonal skills
people person
plug and play
point in time
problem solver
problem solving
proven ability
proven track record
quick learner
real time
responsible for
road warrior
seasoned professional
served as
simply put
smooth transaction
so as to
sort of
star performer
strategic thinker
strong analytical skills
strong work ethic
suppose to
team player
technically savvy
the reason why is because
track record
try and
used to
user centric
user friendly
value added
works well under pressure
works well with others
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